Raw Wrestling Blog brings you the love of wrestling and how to wrestle correctly. I was growing up and watching wrestling on the TV with my Grandfather that is where I learned how to wrestle especially youth wrestling. Later as a teacher I was a wrestling coach who started the high school program and the youth wrestling league of over 100 kids. I took college course to learn how to wrestle. I was later a Second Degree Black Belt Tae Kwon Do Instructor for ten years, I took the skill I learn how to wrestle in the dojo. Today I still enjoy watching Wrestling on TV. The goal of Raw Wrestling Blog is to bring you quality blogs about youth wrestling, gear, and tips for becoming a champion and to learn how to wrestle.







Articles to Read
Articles to Read are special articles– how to wrestle, youth wrestling, and strength building from contributing authors. The biggest goal is to learn how to wrestle in the youth wrestling arena.





Being Healthy
From muscle, to losing fat, to using the correct equipment is the goal of this section. Being healthy is so important like it is on how to wrestle for youth wrestling.





Improving your how to wrestle, wrestling techniques  through performance goals are a daily routine that you must be in to win in the arena of youth wrestling. There will be tips for performance, body musles building, and wrestling takedown skills. The overall goal is how to wrestle correctly and build on that success.





Types of Wrestling
There are many wrestling forms and wrestling techniques to be discussed in this section. Our goal is to help youth wrestling and high school wrestlers become champions–how to wrestle. One of the most powerful articles talks about what to do in the off season as a wrestler with you always keeping in mind how to wrestle.





Technique of Wrestling
Workouts for all ages—youth wrestling, high school wrestling and even adults. Books–how to wrestle and literature–how to wrestle you to check out in the field of wrestling techniques.






Wrestling products are available through the online links in  the store. From youth wrestling gear,  youth wrestling shoes, singlet, headgear to whatever you need for your success to become a champion are available for you. There will be books on how to wrestle available in this section.